MediaFood provides all the food content you need for effective inbound marketing
MediaFood is a specialised digital content marketing unit of Mediaforta, focused on high-quality, professional writing and communication services to the food and drink industry.

Mediafood writing

Good content is critical to your inbound marketing strategy. Attract new clients and leads by providing and distributing high-quality, outstanding content about your business that your customers will want to read.

MediaFood offers quality writing services on food and drink topics. We create content in a variety of forms for both food and drink professionals (B2B) and food and drink lovers (B2C).

MediaFood helps you to tell your story by providing content for:

  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Recipes
  • White papers
  • Presentations
  • Information graphics

Become an authority in your industry

Provide excellent content for your website, blog, whitepaper, etc.

MediaFood Digital Magazine

Today’s audience expect more than just good content – they want it to look great, too.  A digital magazines has many advantages: it’s easy to distribute and share on social media, and has unlimited space to publish both written (eg recipes) and audiovisual content (eg video on how to use a product, have to cook a recipe). MediaFood takes care of the entire editorial workload, including copy, photos, videos and graphic design. Impress you customers with professional artwork and quality content, created by experienced people.

MediaFood Recipes

It’s nice if consumers buy your products, but it’s even nicer if they go a step further and work with them.  Insipring your consumers to cook creatively with your products leads to more sales. By using recipes, you can show consumers how they can combine, serve and prepare your products.

MediaFood creates and develops recipes (based on your briefing) to help your clients. The recipes are created by professional cooks, rewritten by food journalists and tested before publishing. Of course, we take into account the taste and preferences of your target group. We even go further by illustrating the recipes with appealing photos and adding relevant health-related information.

Mediafood Drinks

The fascination with drinks is growing. Not just wine, but interest in beer, tea, coffee and water is booming. Consumers no longer consider them ‘just drinks’, but are receptive to the range and refinement the drink industry has to offer. MediaFood helps to nourish the passion for drinks by creating specific content on drinks.

Whether you want to interact with end consumers or drink specialists (barristas, tea brewers, bar tenders, beer experts, wine specialists,…), MediaFood can provice personalised information.

Mediafood TV

Audiovisual content for digital media platforms is becoming increasingly important. MediaFood TV, the audiovisual unit within MediaFood, offers tailored audiovisual content for media platforms such as websites, mobil networks and other forms of new media.

MediaFood supports food and drink companies in sharing new products and trends among food and drink professionals (such as cooks, barristas, wine or beer specialists) andgourmets (‘foodies’, cooks,…) by producing web television programmes. MediaFood helps you share your passion with consumers via online training (e-learining), news programmes, interviews and talk shows, which can be on-demand, live and interactive .

All our programmes are produced by our own team of specialised food and drink editors.

Mediafood Photstudio

We are living in a very visual world. Pictures are everywhere and often determine whether your product passes or fails. Food and drink appeal to all the senses, not just taste – tempting pictures can leave people wanting more! That’s way MediaFood offers a photography service. We work with experienced food photographers and stylists who know how to present your food.

Mediafood Editing and Updating

Offering interesting and relevant content can strengthen your relationship with consumers. But you can olny make a good impression with a message that is correct, clear, consistent, relevant and up to date. MediaFood provides an extensive editing and proof reading service, carried out by native speakers, to improve your text:

  • Grammar check: ensuring correct grammar, syntax and spelling
  • Consistency check: ensuring a consistent, easy-to-read document
  • Clarity check: re-writing documents to improve their clarity and logic
  • Redundancy check: removal of duplications to create tighter, leaner copy
  • Updating: update all your digital media with timely content
  • Translations

Mediafood Advantages

Why work with MediaFood?  
  • Become an expert in the world of food and drink with our help
  • Provide outstanding content for your website, blogs, white papers, e-letters, etc.
  • Boost awareness of and loyalty towards your brand
  • Tailor-made: content written with your potential customers and clients in mind
  • Work with professional writers with experience in the food and drink industry
  • Ready to publish: we can supply food and drink content in feeds to that it automatically appears on your site
  • Attract more business: generate more leads, more fans